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Join us in the conversation that we all need. Two events : April 27th and April 28th. Join The Wayne Carlen Show

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ERASE Races is a national nonprofit providing training & education to individuals and organizations for the purpose of unity and reconciliation of all Americans. ERASE Races is not affiliated with any particular religious practice or political party. We are The American Unity Movement.

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The Cross Country Tour Enters The Next Phase

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We are not liberal or conservative, Republican or Democrat, Trump-Hater or Trump-Supporter and we’re definitely not black or white. We are soon to be the thousands upon thousands of Americans who have had enough of the bitterness, divisiveness and hatred that is plaguing our country. So we are here to change all of that; not by fighting, fussing or complaining, but by bonding together to do good. Are there homeless with no food to eat, we can help. Do kids need mentors and after-school tutoring, we can help. Is housing a problem? Let's build one. Are churches divided? Let's bring them together.

While we encourage participation in our democratic process of electing our leaders, we don’t depend on that for the good that we do. Our good is not based on who is in office and whether we like them or not. We do good because people need help and there is so much good to be done.

So if you really want to make a change, join The American Unity Movement, because life has a higher calling for all of us and we can do it TOGETHER!

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