Why Most of America is Wrong on Race

It's totally out of hand now and I must yell STOP! Most anyone who responds publicly to "race" issues in our country is wrong. The Esquire Cover story that has garnered so much attention in recent days clearly shows this, but the reason they are wrong, while it should be obvious, simply escapes them. Here it is so that you know for the rest of the blog post where I'm coming from. A friend of mine coined this terminology which I believe is true. Most Americans, without regard to skin color, are all "race-ists." To be a "race-ist" simply means that you believe in "race," that there is meaning associated with the color of people's skin. If you believe that, then that's the problem. Further, yo

"Racist" - The McCarthyism Of Our Time

Recently, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown called President Trump ‘a racist.’ The comment came as Brown was discussing the topic of photos on Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s yearbook page, showing one man in black-face and another in a Ku Klux Klan outfit. Strangely, Senator Brown did not affix the "racist" moniker to Governor Northam. This is what Senator Brown said, “I think this country hasn’t dealt well with issues of race, I mean, we have a President who is a racist.” Then when host Chuck Todd asked a follow-up question: saying, "...You believe, in his heart, he’s a racist?" Brown responded saying, "I don't know what 'in his heart means...'?" Perhaps that's the problem. When people hurl inv

Begin Without "Race"

Have you ever been asked one of those mind-boggling riddles that make you think outside of the box? Questions like, "What word becomes shorter when you add "er" to it?" The answer is "short." These types of questions cause you to think long and hard for the answer. These are the types of questions that we need to ask concerning "race." While I've been convinced for many years now that we must do away with the use of the word and the concept of "race" as a means to define people of varying regional, ethnic or skin-color groups, I now believe that I know how to make it happen. We simply have to "begin without race." Most all discussions in our country concerning "race" begin with a premise tha

Racism Is Your Problem; Not Mine

How do you respond when you find out that someone doesn't like you? Without regard to whether it is because of your skin color, eye color, hair color, family connection, job you took from them, husband or wife you took from them, car you drive, house you live in, kids you have or don't have, school you went to, or a million other reasons, does their issue of hatred become yours? This is what we need to think about when it comes to "racism." Of course, I don't subscribe to "racism" because I don't subscribe to the concept of "race" itself, but even for those who do, you must consider if you are simply reflecting what other people are projecting. People have issues and like I say in the other

It's Always About Race, But It's Not

"Race," is not real, but it is a reality and that's because we make it one. We do the same thing with unicorns. True, they don't exist but there are pictures and stories of them, so they are a reality in some sense. The only difference is that we know that unicorns are a fabrication of our imagination and therefore they cause no harm. However, the fabrication of this thing called "race," well that's a different story. In case you've lived under a rock for the last 50 years and haven't noticed, "race" is always in the news. Every day, whether in our public or private life, pretty much every area of our society has to deal with "race." This past week one particular episode involved the Govern

Our National EQ Problem

Relationships are difficult to manage without regard to any environmental or sociological factors involved and that difficulty is further magnified when we "racialize" it. Like most things in our country, "race" is simply a deflector to prevent us from seeing the real issue or issues that need resolution and instead focus on "skin color," which then becomes the object of the discussion and as infamously displayed in the OJ Simpson murder trial, it works. While many of our problems are articulated in skin-color terms, the reality is that we have just as many, if not more, problems with people who share our "race" or skin color regardless of the shade or tone. And the really bad news is that i

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