Entertaining Angels

Today I was at McDonald's buying breakfast for my dad. I was on my way to church and in a hurry so Melanie, my wife, sat in the car while I pulled up and ran inside because the drive-thru was way too crowded. The counter was empty and I went up and directly ordered his sausage mcmuffin and two coffees and handed the cashier a $10 bill. She needed to give me back$3.97 so she asked if I had 3 cents which would allow her to give me $4.00 even. I didn't have any change with me so before I could tell her of my plan to run out to the car, a very nice middle-aged lady in line behind me said, "I'll run out to my car and get it." I immediately said, "well if you've got to go out to your car, I can d

You're Not The Problem

The bodies were still lying lifeless on the Walmart floor and it had already started. The finger-pointing, the blame-shifting and responsibility-fixing for why a man so filled with hate, would drive 600 miles to kill people that he never knew. Was it Trump's fault? The gun-lobby and the NRA, or simply the rising tide of "white" nationalism? And just as that was erupting in the routine "we're the good guys" and "you're the bad guys" fight, gunshots rang out in Dayton, Ohio and nine more lives were snuffed out in an instant. The motive in that one is still pending but let me guess....hate? Duh! So if you're tired of the excuses so often proffered on why these shootings still happen get ready

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