A Life of Purpose or Pain

Have you ever been around someone who was hurting with a physical ailment but didn't want to let you know, but you already knew because of how cranky there were? These are people, who feeling their pain, let it affect their disposition and everyone around them is affected. Perhaps it was that painful. Life can indeed be very painful. Physical aches and pains from a surgical procedure or the fatigue from chemotherapy or radiation treatments can take a devastating toll on the physical and mental psyche of anyone. Additionally, the emotional pain associated with the break-up of a life-long relationship by death or separation is just as bad as any physical ache you could endure. We all face pain

MADISON, Wisconsin (WMTV)

Texas man touring 100 cities, stops in Madison to spread message of unity Click here to watch the interview

Identity Problem

I recently re-watched a brilliant video that I've seen many times over the past few years. It's by Prince EA. It begins with the words, "I'm not black and you're not white." He goes on to make the point that we have created labels, such as "black' and "white" and those labels hinder us from caring for people who don't carry our label. I totally agree with that. I think we have an "identity problem." We have erroneously created identities that shouldn't exist. The colors "black" and "white" are useful terms for describing many things, but not people. And the sad part is that it doesn't stop there. We've started creating identities based on sexual habits and desires (Gay, straight, lesbian, e

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