Appreciating Kindness

Gratefulness is underrated until this time of year and I think that even now, we don't fully comprehend what it means to be grateful. Of course it's easy to understand that to be grateful means to be thankful and you can be thankful for both the good and the bad circumstances of life. However, I want to point out something that I think deserves a great more attention and that is the appreciation or gratefulness for kindness. I argued with a friend recently about how inappropriate it is to call someone an idiot and he disagreed and thought it was perfectly okay in warranted situations. He made point after point about how if people acted in a certain way then it was okay to portray them in th

Racializing Rachel

Racialization is the process whereby things are given "racial" character. Your actions, your attitude, the way you look and the clothes you wear are all things that can be "racialized." It is the simple idea that we see "race." Until the year 2015, we had never really contemplated how deeply our society was "racialized." That year, an extraordinary case to expose this "racialization" took place when Rachel Dolezal was "outted" as not being "black." Rachel was an instructor at Eastern Washington University where she taught Africana Studies. Rachel knew then what many of us are just now finding out about the fallacy of "race" and she began articulating the fact that "race" is not biologically

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