A New View - 2020

Wouldn't it be delightful if we woke up tomorrow morning with a new view of the world? I mean what if we were awakened to news that unity and harmony was breaking out all across our country and that it was having an impact around the world? What if "breaking news" reported that a pact had been signed by churches, businesses, clubs and organizations nationwide that would forever prevent people from being identified by terms like black, white, red, yellow and brown? And then what if the government, realizing the direction the people were going, outlawed the use of "race" on legal forms and government documents. Then what if you and I decided for our part that we were simply going to subscribe

Group A vs Group B

My analysis of the impeachment hearings of the President of the United States illustrates why we are a country at odds with each other. Anyway you break it down, it is group A against group B, whether "race", politics, football team, best burger, favorite tv shows and there are a million other ways that we segment our society. Of course some of the segmentation or as I call it, segregation, is innocuous and has no negative consequences; such as our annual SuperBowl rivalry. The teams meet, play the game, opponents yell in support of their team and against the other and they go home and get ready for next season. To show you how little effect it has in the long term, ask a random person who

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