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Put the impeachment trial of our President on hold. As a matter of fact, put Sunday afternoon on hold. This was the news that brought Americans to a sublime sense of sobriety. Kobe Bryant died today in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California and for people like me in the unity business, it has done what activists and government leaders have been unable to do for years. It made people civil for today and while we hope that we can maintain that civility beyond the 24 hour news cycle, even if we can't, It's nice to know that we still have the ability to be civil with each other at times like these. Eventually someone will say something untoward I'm sure, because Kobe, besides being one of t

Race Doesn't Make Sense

Race is an illogical construct because it is based on skin color to determine groupings. The determination of your skin color is based on the amount of melanin you have in your skin. However, it is invalid to construct a grouping based on that skin color because the genes that determine melanin are based on many different factors which would render many people in the same family as part of two, three or more different races. I have a younger brother who has much lighter skin than I have but we are both called “black.” Biologically, he is also more susceptible to the sun’s rays as well. So does that mean he should be a different “race” than I am? Who draws the line that determines when you ha

A Consensus On The Census

Surely this is something we can all agree on; get a consensus. No one should define me by my skin color and then use that definition to place me in a group of people that they believe should determine how I act and respond to the issues of life. They should also not use that group that they defined to determine how it measures against the general population in anything. After all, we don't group people by eye color and then measure how well the blue-eyed people did on the math test. We don't group people by hair color and texture to determine how smart they are? At least when I say "we don't," I probably mean "we shouldn't" because it has been done and in many ways is still being done. So wi

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