Isn't The "Black" Box Racist?

Kanye had been a very popular, albeit controversial hip hop artist until the day that he went to the White House and met President Donald Trump sporting the infamous MAGA hat. From that day forward, Kanye was persona non grata in the "black" community. Why? What happened? Well Kanye had committed the unpardonable sin. He thought independently and did not think and act according to the prescribed rules of "blacks," after all, the "black" community had already judged the president as a "racist," therefore no "black" could support him unless he were an "Uncle Tom," "coon" or some other epithet designed for "race" traitors. The paragraph above is common knowledge for any "black" person who has d

Unity Through Adversity

I was stationed overseas in Okinawa Japan from 1995-1998. While I was there, a few fellow American servicemen committed unthinkable acts against a Japanese girl. It quickly became an international incident and subsequently cast all Americans in a very bad light. You could feel the heightened tension when walking the city streets and so much so, that many areas of the city became dangerous and were deemed off limits to the Americans. If there was any silver lining at all to this tragedy, it was that the adversity brought us together as Americans. This was a precursor to the unity that we would all come to know after the tragedies of 9/ll and that I also experienced in Houston Texas after Hurr

Be The Virus

Fear is everywhere. The virus has been declared a pandemic and it continues to spread rapidly across all continents. In cities around the world and now throughout America, public events are being canceled and meetings are being held via video or phone conferencing. Many people are in quarantine status because of exposure and still others are being tested because of their contact with some in quarantine. What a mess. With all of the talk these days about "going viral," The Covid-19 Coronavirus has done just that simply because, that's what viruses do. One of the most significant observations about the current worldwide threat has been our return to the basic principle of humanity. The Coronav

Why Is Everyone So Angry?

The anger and hate in our country is palpable. It is really getting out of hand. Social media, tv/radio media and any media that allows you to connect with other people all have "wars" going on between people. Well, it has also invaded our news reporters and political leaders. Two days ago, Donna Brazile, a fox news contributor and former head of the Democratic National Committee, exploded when responding to remarks from the Republican National Committee Chair, Ronna McDaniel. It felt like a situation where perhaps they had a "past" because of the "straight out of the box" hate. McDaniel had only postulated that the DNC was rigging the primary process against Bernie Sanders. To that, Donna

What Leadership Looks Like

It was a most serendipitous appointment. I had not really planned on attending the Prairie View A&M Community Council Meeting being conducted by the university's president Dr Ruth Simmons. In a word, it was "AMAZING!" I had only heard of Prairie View A&M's new boss. I new that she came from a prestigious Ivy League school, Brown, to take over the job at Prairie View. Of course for those who don't know, that's like going from coaching the New England Patriots to coaching your son's high school football team. Of course many would ask why a person would do such a thing but a few minutes sitting in on a meeting with her and you immediately know why. Although I went up after the meeting to expres

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