When You Love People Correctly

I was in a facebook discussion with a good friend concerning homosexuality and as always, I know where these discussions go because I am an "out-of-the closet" Christian who believes the bible's viewpoint. Most days I'm wearing a Christianized t-shirt, compliments of my wife, and I love talking to people about the issues of life because I love people, and oftentimes that gets around to "faith talk." So as my friend questioned me, I could ascertain that he was trying to see how I felt about him if he identified as "homosexual." I think he was comforted to know that I didn't love him because he fit my view of proper identity. My love for people isn't based, like much love these days, upon the

Avenger or Adversary

I posted the picture above on Facebook last weekend. I thought it would trigger some meaningful discussion and of course that's always my purpose so in this case, mission accomplished. The post was to create a discussion concerning the existence or non-existence of "white privilege." The Avengers analogy identifies that surely there are differences in talents, gifts and abilities on every team, in fact that is what makes the team strongest. However, the bond that unites the team comes from the fact, as my good friend Tanya said, that they know they are all on the same team with the same mission and they value what the others bring to the table. Wow!!! That was a great analysis of what define

"Race" Kills

I just read another article, this one from the NY Times, decrying that social distancing is a "privilege." We are literally losing our minds along with our lives and the real killer here is "race." It is not a killer just because it is misused by some for their advantage, but in this case, because it makes people believe things about themselves that are not true, e.g. as the notion that "blacks" were immune from Coronavirus because of the melanin in their skin. How does the person who said that feel today? "Race" created that idea. REVIVING 'RACE' I thought that the Coronavirus had for the most part put to rest the mistaken notion that we were all different "races" since we saw that not only

"Race" - The World's Longest Running April Fools' Joke

Today is that day in case you haven't alerted yourself. Be on the lookout for any conversation that you have that sounds a little bit incredible or on the other extreme, simply unbelievable. Once the person you are speaking with thinks that you've bought it, hook, line and sinker, they will spring a big "April Fools" on you and of course you will laugh and breathe a sigh of relief that what they were telling you isn't true. Today is April Fools' Day. THE DANGER OF APRIL FOOLS What if however, someone made up an April Fools' joke, gave you the false story, which is the "fool" part of the prank, but never ever let you know that it was a false/fake story? You would be stupendously upset if afte

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