It's Complicated

The objective is easy and for the most part we all desire the same thing; a country unified, without discrimination or mistreatment by authorities based on skin color or how someone looks. And while we can get consensus on that, we are a long way from being unified on how we get there and the reason that is, is because quite frankly, "it's complicated." Of course it's not complicated for those who have learned to love all people without prejudice or fear, but the objective is not just for those isolated few, but instead to take millions upon millions of people who all have varied histories and traumas and get them all to see others in a way that contradicts everything that they have learned

The Carlin Charleston Connection

This blog is dedicated to simply and quickly explaining through a personal story, how we solve the "race" problem. Here goes: The Carlins met the Charlestons in 1995. The Charlestons and Carlins arrived as two distinctly different families on Okinawa as part of the United States Marine Corps. One family would be what people who believe in "race" would call, "black" and the other family for those people who believe such would be called "white." These families became "neighbors" in the deepest sense of the word. It would be common for neighbors, including the Garcia's who lived next door to the Charlestons to barge right on in to the neighbors home next door without so much as a knock. The Car

Become A Bridge Builder

"You don't build a bridge by yelling at people on the other side that they are on the wrong side of the divide. You build a bridge by taking steps to get to the other side or by providing resources that allow the other side to work towards you." When my now grown daughters were young, we would from time to time have family meetings. At these meetings we would discuss issues relative to what was happening in their lives or our lives, the parents. One daughter, we'll just call her daughter #1, pun intended, because she will know that I'm talking about her, was often very emotional. Daughter #2, was always very logical so there was always a bridging of the perspectives that had to be accomplish

The Final "Dear White People" Letter

OK I've had enough. I saw a post today that said that those who advocate for One Human Race are covertly "white supremacist." I also saw two different articles today addressed as "Dear White People." Well I want to write a final "Dear White People" letter today and it has only one point and here it is. "Dear White People, stop listening to anyone who addresses you as "WHITE" people. I hate to shock you today, but you're not "white." Anyone who addresses you as monolithic based on your skin color is trying to tell you that you are all the same and if they do that with the group called "white," then they probably do the same with other created color groups. Theodore Allen testifies in his book

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