Uncolor Your Words - Stop Practicing "Race"

I'm not even sure that "uncolor" is proper grammar. It probably isn't. Nevetheless, that's what we need to do in this country. Another of the seemingly indelible stains of "race" is that just as we inappropriately use color to identify people, we have created an entire vocabulary to support the practice of "race." That's the first time I've ever said that, "the practice of 'race'" and that's a good way to refer to it. People who believe that people should be categorized based on their skin color, practice "race." Do you practice "race?" Ok, I'm off subject. So if you do practice "race," then you've probably created a vocabulary that supports your practice. So instead of privilege, you use t

It's Not About The Money

Pretty ridiculous title for a blog attempting to raise funds. Of course if you heard the full sentence it would sound like this: "It's not about the money but we need money to be about it." My view on fundraising is somewhat different than most nonprofits. My wife would say, "that's why they have so much money and we don't." I get that but I have this strong, abiding belief, wife would say "stubborn," that if we are able to get our message out to the people, then many of them already believe in what we are doing and will support us. Therefore I "ain't too proud to beg," because I believe that once I'm done, you will agree that we need to do this. I've got stories that I can tell now of peopl

What Have You Got To Lose?

OK I'm making a play on the famous quote from our President when he made his appeal to dark-skinned people to take a chance on voting Republican. Of course I'm not running for office so my question is somewhat different. I'm asking for you, since you're reading this, to consider supporting The American Unity Movement. You may know us as ERASE Race. We are looking for monthly contributors to partner with us in our work to bring about UNITY in this country. Besides, "what have you got to lose?" When you consider the alternatives for resolution of the problems in our country, there isn't much out there to choose from, or at least that is visible to "normal" people. Sure you've got Black Lives

Is God Colorblind?

A good friend of mine asked me the other day, "doesn't God see our color" and while many verses come to mind from the scriptures, that identify that God is not into skin color nor does He desire that we be, I think this scripture answers best. 1 Samuel 16:7 says that " looks on the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart." The term "colorblind" is symptomatic of the problems that we have listening for understanding in this country. Only in a country where we are unable to talk with each other in a meaningful and civil manner could such a benign term as "colorblind' be viewed as hateful and evil. . The concept of "race" in our society has done a great deal of damage to our concep

Because "Race" IS The Problem

Most people will gloss right over the title because they think it says "racism" is the problem. That is not at all what it says and having been at this for many years now and having listened to many people from social to clinical psychologists and from civil rights activists to best-selling authors, the argument is which came first, "race" or "racism." To me it's pretty simple to understand by using our basic principles of grammatical construction. The root word in this case is "race" from which you derive the term "racism." Those opposed to this view believe that because of "racism" in the hearts and minds of those who wanted to subjugate or deprive a people group, namely the slaves in Amer

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