Possibility Beyond Comparison

I love what I'm going to address in this blog post because I think it falls completely within my purview of expertise, if I have any area of expertise at all. Conceptually speaking, leadership is the art of directing, motivating and giving purpose to a group to meet an objective. See how that rolls off my tongue or off my fingers in this case and I can say that a hundred different ways. In a couple of months we will vote for the leader of our country. From a leadership viewpoint, I want to analyze or actually, evaluate their slogans and the approach they have to leading. Joe Biden hailed his motto this week at the Democratic National Convention and he is currently running many ads with the p

Cops Don't Scare Me

I've been amazed at the number of people who I've heard say how afraid they feel when they see the flashing lights of a police car pulling them over. That idea is quite foreign to me but when they say it, I know they are telling the truth and I've been trying to understand it. I always think about Chaney, Goodman and Shwerner, the freedom riders killed in Mississippi, the summer of 1964 at the hands of cops and how that had to be an extremely traumatizing time for dark-skinned people and anyone supporting them, such as Goodman and Schwerner who were accompanying Chaney. I can't imagine people having that same level of fear today, yet many seem to express that. So I think I've analyzed and di

Not Race - The Family

Had a "discussion" with my brother this weekend about Black Lives Matter (BLM). He acknowledged that he was unaware of their views on "disrupting the prescribed Western nuclear family structure," nevertheless he said he was supportive of their stance against police brutality. I understand the views of those like my brother who say that BLM's views on the family are irrelevant and therefore support their stand against police brutality, but I disagree. At issue is what we think the fundamental problems are in our society. To me, there is no problem more resounding across the board than the breakdown of the American family. Surely we have our societal problems with "race," mass incarceration, d

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