WHAT IS A NARRATIVE? The term "narrative" has become a regular staple of tv news programs and commentary on pretty much anything of a sociological nature these days. Online website Let's Get Wordy defines narrative as "a spoken or written account of connected events; a story." A great example of narratives at work is the telling of the story of Jesus Christ in the gospels as told by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Each author tells from their perspective a story of an account that they personally witnessed or heard from someone else about this man named Jesus. They each "narrate" the story, not only from from their particular viewpoint, but also to make a particular point. That's how narrative

Amy Coney Barrett - The Solution

For those with an honest interest in resolving the issues associated with "race" in our society, it is always refreshing to see an institution, a business, a family or even a person who transcends the idea that you don't belong (here - wherever that is) because of the color of your skin. Though I have always felt strongly about this matter, indeed strong enough to begin my own nonprofit to address this issue; ERASE Race, those feelings have been emboldened since I began reading the latest offering from Isabel Wilkerson, Caste; The Origins of our Discontents. In this book she describes how a "Caste" system acts much like a cast used for broken limbs. It fixes things in place so that they can

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