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Why?  We have had enough of the stereotyping, the generalizing, the segregation and the hate.  We do not blame others.  Our frustration is with ourselves for believing that “race” mattered, when our very existence daily tells us that it does not.   

What? Today we move to change the world and unite the United States by tearing down the wall of color; we ERASE Race.  

How? We ERASE Race by: 

1) eradicating the use of the word ‘race’ in reference to people groups. 


2) moving institutions, businesses and organizations to rid themselves of the use of the word in their business activities and actions.  

3) working together without regard to color to solve problems and “learn” each other.    

Who?  You! If you desire to see a United States where everyone matters, join us.  


If you desire to see a United States where we all work together to solve the problems of this land, join us and if you desire to see a United States that believes that every man’s death diminishes us all, then join us. 


We are ERASE Race! Here Dr King's vision comes to life and all people are judged by the standard that humanity sets for us all, knowing deep within our hearts that it is character that matters and not color.  WE ARE ERASE RACE!!!   




ERASE race The American Unity Movement Book

About Us

We are the human race. We do not possess an identity that ushers us into a group because of the degree of melanin that our bodies are able to produce. We do not believe that any group of people are genetically disadvantaged due to their skin tone, nor do we seek accommodations because of such. We do not hold people of any skin tone accountable for those who have similarly-colored skin. We are ERASE Race! Here Dr. King's vision comes to life and all people are judged by the standard that humanity sets for us all, knowing deep within our hearts that it is "character that  makes men kin." -  Menander, attic poet, and playwright.

Our vision is a world where people show compassion for others without regard to their color. As MLK said, "every man's death diminishes me." What if our hearts were equally broken for Trayvon Martin and Nicole Brown Simpson? What if we grieved sorely for the Charleston shooting victims and for Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom?

What if we lived like we believed that everybody matters. What if, even in disagreement, we loved each other because we could? We are ERASE Race! It is time for Americans to unite. Join us and let's change the world.

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