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As I traveled the country last year everywhere I journeyed I found people who wanted to share their story about "race." It wasn't just their experience that they want to convey but most often, how they stopped thinking that people of different skin tones were different or strange or smarter or dumber or more criminal or more friendly etc…Of course many people still believe that they are “black” or “white” but we believe that they will all one day have an ERASE Story; a story about how a life experience showed them we are all human and that skin color does not a person make. 

We want to hear about your personal, real life experiences, your ERASE Story. Please submit your story at

Each week we will select a story to broadcast on the Wayne Carlen Show. When we use your story, we will send you an ERASE Race t-shirt so you can continue to spread the message that we are all ONE HUMAN RACE.

Carlen Charleston, Founder ERASE Race The American Unity Movement

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