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Kingdom Group and ERASE Races taking on National Unity

It was the first stop on Carlen's tour around the U.S. as he visited 48 states and 112 cities, proclaiming his mission to bring about unity by educating on the issue of "race." This was 2019. Carlen didn't know at that time that this would be his most significant stop on the tour, nor did he realize that a pandemic was brewing that would seem to stall his plans for National Unity, nor did he know that his "erase race" calling would take on national importance so soon. With the collaboration initiated today, it appears that his 2019 arrival in Baton Rouge where he met the Executive Director of The Kingdom Group, Elmo Winters, was not accidental but predestined. 

Carlen and Elmo have combined their efforts and talents to take what Elmo was doing locally and what Carlen was doing nationally to create a National Unity Network. This network will serve as a connection portal for all involved in the "unity" space. It is designed for those organizations and people who desire to have meaningful unity engagement in our country. If that is you or your organization, contact us via this site or the Kingdom Group.  Support by clicking below. 

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