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STOP! STOP! STOP! I was not ready to launch my ERASE Race campaign but feel I must make a few statements before our country implodes. Of course there will be much more to come, but I just had to take some time to curb the craziness that is taking place in this country.

We have two problems in this country and I aim to solve both of them.

1) Race - the police officers are not killing black men. They are killing men. This is no small detail. There will be "activists" tempting us to march in the streets on the behalf of "black" people. The cause that unites us as Americans is the human cause. We must do away with race, less we continue the division among us.

2) Leadership - we do not have leaders talking about unity until after they have divided us. Unity must be the chief objective. We do not have black and white communities unless we continue to use those terms. We need leaders who understand this; many don't. We are creating walls bigger than anything Donald Trump could envision. We need leaders who break down barriers and create unity. I will lead and will do all I can to fight for those who want to live together without regard to how others look. We must integrate, not segregate. That is how we win. #dividedwefall

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