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It Keeps Getting More Unreal

Red Beard Brown Hair

OK so years ago I found out that "race" was an illusion and that it doesn't really exist except in the minds of those who are uninformed. I don't mean that as a slight but surely everyone has heard by now that "race" is a social construct arbitrarily created to categorize human beings. Well, who made it up and why does he get to make the rules? That's a good question, but the blog today is simply to point out how ridiculous the concept is. Skin color is simply determined by how much melanin your body produces.

So I'm getting up in my years, became a grandfather last year and I'm beginning to see more gray crop up. That was all cool, except for what just happened. I resigned my teaching position as a high school teacher so that I could travel around the world telling everyone that "race" is not real and that we would be better off if we saw ourselves as part of the same, the only race, the human race.

So no more Marine Corps uniform for me which means for the first time in over 30 years, I can grow a beard, and I did it and was freaked out because the mustache was black and the beard was gray. I was so freaked out that I went to google to find out why such things happen and of course they had the answer and it supports the erase race concept.

Seems like we (everybody) have two types of melanin responsible for the tint of our hair. According to Men's Health, the levels of pigmentation in your hair follicles ultimately determine your hair color. Each follicle contains a mixture of eumelanin (black or brown shades) or pheomelanin (red and yellow shades) pigment. Therefore, you could have one level of pigmentation for the hairs on your head, due to a certain mixture of the eumelanin and pheomelanin and you could have a totally different mixture in the follicles for your beard area.

OK so that's cool to know. So since we have varying levels of melanin for our beards and our heads, imagine if we made the "gray beards" a separate "race" due to the levels of melanin in their beards?

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