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It's Not About The Packaging

Beckett playing with the Christmas wrapping

My one and half year-old grandson had a ball with unwrapping Christmas presents last month. He had more fun tearing away the paper containing the gift than with the gifts themselves. He eventually played with the gits that were contained inside of the wrapping paper, but his antics reminded me of how we, as adults, are often more consumed with "the packaging" than we are with what's inside.

Skin color is the packaging in which God has placed each of us. Some people are quite enamored with the style and color of their packaging and some people have a distaste or disdain for other types of packaging materials, colors and styles. That's okay if you're one and a half years old and it's the packaging on a Christmas gift, but when that same attitude is used towards our fellow human beings, it is dangerous and a detriment to our society and the world.

Think about that today. Do you only prefer one color or style of packaging? Does that keep you from even opening the gifts that are inside of other packages? Great gifts come in all colors and styles and some of the most beautiful gifts come in "packaging" that might not be in accord with your personal preferences.

As I will teach my grandson, don't spend too much time with the wrapping paper, the gift is inside and that takes getting past the wrapping paper to find out if you will enjoy it.

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