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Defining The Terms - Pro-Black/White Nationalist

I was listening to a radio show on youtube today and they asked the question, "Can you be pro-black and date outside of your race?" It was interesting to hear people calling in to respond to the question. The answers were so twisted and confusing that the show hosts continually tried


to clarify what the callers were saying. As the show progressed, the hosts made some clarifying remarks that were worthy of ERASE Race mention (they were really good). If you want to watch this 13 minute clip, check it out here.

What I want to do today is properly define a couple of terms so that we are able to have a conversation with understanding about what it means to be "pro-black" or "white nationalist." These two terms are normally defined as follows:

pro-black - a lifestyle that encourages the economic growth and development of the black people as a whole; having a preference of black people.

white nationalist - espouses the belief that white people are a race and seeks to develop and maintain a white national identity.

Okay so with those generalized definitions stated, lets cut to the chase and add a final definition that will properly categorize both of them. Whether you advocate for pro-black or for white nationalists, they both fall into the category of SEGREGATIONIST! Therein lies the problem for our country. says that a segregationist is defined as, "one who favors, encourages, or practices segregation, especially racial segregation."

The beauty of this country and in fact the world, if we realize it, is that we have all been mixed through our blood lines, though we all came from one blood line in the first place, and when we try to maintain "ethnic purity" by separating ourselves literally or as I often state, mentally, then we destroy the oneness of mankind. Pro-black and white nationalist both favor one "race," their own, over others. Wasn't that disastrous when someone did that before in the history of our world?

So today it is up to each of us to believe differently. I am proudly an integrationist. I get overjoyed when I see people of all skin tones uniting and enjoying the unique personhood of each other.

That, to me, is life. I don't use color to determine my affection for you. My affection is for you already because together we make up mankind and you are my kin.

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