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I Need You and Your Money

In C S Lewis's book The Great Divorce: A Dream, he depicts heaven and hell in two contrasting dimensions. In Hell, people have everything that they need so they grow further and further apart from each other and have no use for each other. In Heaven, there is much need so the people have to bond together, depend on each other and share to exist.

Wow!!! Does that explain perhaps the disintegration in relationships that we're currently experiencing in our country. Maybe our success is making us more independent and we really believe that we don't need each other.

As I contemplate the fundraising that I must do to support the ERASE Races cause, there have been many days where I wished that I had the bank account of Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos and that this would solve my problems, but the reality is, it is better that I "need" money and that I must ask people to support the ERASE Races cause. Why? For two reasons that I can immediately think of. Reason #1: it ensures my dependence on my fellow citizens. We need each other in this country and we are now creating the

illusion that others, particularly those we disagree with, don't matter. We are called The American Unity Movement and the donations that we are requesting in $1 amounts will support a tour throughout the United States where we will actually talk to, meet and work with citizens in an effort to unify the country. Those who believe that this is necessary will donate. I believe that there are millions of Americans who believe, like I do, that we are all one and not different races and desire to live that way. And if there are millions who believe that way, then a

$1 donation will fund our 3 year movement. I "need" the people and like the storyline in C S Lewis's story, that is heaven. Were I a billionaire, I would not need the people.

The #2 reason that it is better that I not have limitless streams of money, is to demonstrate that building unity is not economic, but instead a matter of the heart. Money can give the appearance of affection and concern through material possessions, but at the end of the day, love can not be purchased with American Express, MasterCard or Visa.

Our organization is a 501 (c) 4 nonprofit, somewhat different than a 501 (c) 3 in that we are a social welfare organization that may take on causes with a personal viewpoint that may not be supported by the government. In other words, we get more freedom of expression. We can say things like, "there is only one race" and not have to get permission from the government to ensure that statement is factually accurate, though we take much effort in ensuring that all we say or do is.

The time is at hand and we believe that many Americans will want to be a part of moving forward in our relationships and no longer be burdened by "them" vs "us" philosophies and the simplistic notion that our neighbors are "black" or "white."

So please go to see what we are doing, join us and then donate, buy a t-shirt or take the ERASE Race challenge and help as we bridge the divide that has long-plagued this country. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you when I come to your city, soon.

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