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"Racist" - The McCarthyism Of Our Time

Recently, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown called President Trump ‘a racist.’ The comment came as Brown was discussing the topic of photos on Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s yearbook page, showing one man in black-face and another in a Ku Klux Klan outfit. Strangely, Senator Brown did not affix the "racist" moniker to Governor Northam.

This is what Senator Brown said,

“I think this country hasn’t dealt well with issues of race, I mean, we have a President who is a racist.” Then when host Chuck Todd asked a follow-up question: saying, "...You believe, in his heart, he’s a racist?" Brown responded saying, "I don't know what 'in his heart means...'?" Perhaps that's the problem. When people hurl invectives about people without thinking about their heart, it is quite often the case that they have wrongly considered the message. In case you didn't know, the heart is the seat of our emotions and our thoughts so before someone throws out a hateful and disparaging comment about someone, it would be good to consider their hearts.

I think that we have entered an era, much like one that has gone before us. From 1950-1954, Senator Joseph McCarthy carried out a vociferous campaign against alleged communists in the US government and other institutions.

He did this by simply accusing people of being "Communists." Many of the accused were blacklisted or lost their jobs, although most did not, in fact, belong to the Communist Party. Nevertheless, by the time it was found out that they were not communists, the damage had been done.

This is how the word "racist" is used today. You label someone, especially, a "white" person a racist, and they are incapable of defending themselves because every statement is then taken as though the label is true. Not only is the word misused the concept is also false.

We now know that "race" is not biologically real and that it is only a reality in the minds of those who wrongly ascribe biological principles to the physical differences and variations of human beings. To use the word "race" to describe people groups is bad enough, but to go further and brand people as "racist" not only keeps our country firmly entrenched in ignorance, but in hate as well. There are people who hate and often wrongly, but if we have only one race, it is improper to call them "racists," unless, like the McCarthy era, the only intent is to damage them. And if that is the case, any ugly word will do. Please choose one that doesn't keep us believing in false concepts like "race."

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