The Disease Called "Race"

Were we to wander into a "Culture" Doctor's office seeking solutions for our ailing country, he or she would look at our symptoms of hate, division and enmity and roundly state that we have a bad case of "race." Yes, the diagnosis for the U.S. problem is a bad case of "race."

Ever had a cold? Sometimes you have a very bad cough or perhaps sneezing and sniffles or body aches that accompany the cold. Of course, we sometimes buy medicine to deal with the symptoms, but ultimately, we must deal with the virus that caused the cold.

In our society today, it's as though we don't mind the coughing and sneezing as we daily medicate and treat the symptoms, but we have never tried to eradicate the virus, the disease that is "race." "Race" is a disease, much like a cancer in our society and we must treat it as such. If we do not kill it, then it will metastasize (spread to other areas) and wreak more havoc on our society.

"Racism" is but one symptom of the disease. All of the "racial" issues that pervade our society today are merely symptoms of our problem. In many ways today, we continue to treat only the symptoms of the disease. What's so troubling about dealing with the symptoms is that you often believe that the disease is gone because you have treated the symptoms and for now, you feel better. Of course, as always, the virus though it may have gone dormant, comes back with a vengeance and you realize that you are still "sick." We have outlawed "racism," castigated and demeaned those we found guilty of it and even today, we are searching out "racists" to punish and destroy, yet it seems the virus grows stronger and more virulent every day.

We must "eradicate" the virus. It is a contagion that has plagued us for hundreds of years and has mutated into new strains such as "white privilege" and "black-only" spaces and organizations and activities that are fertile breeding grounds for the "race" virus.

The only possible answer is to kill the virus and in the process destroy all of the virulent strains that have been produced as well. So how do we do this? It is really quite simple but it requires a complete change in how we view others. What kills the virus "race," is a daily dose of love and good works. In the ERASE Races movement, we call it "Service" and "Love for all mankind."

What if we began spending more time working together without thinking about "race" and what color someone's skin is? Is your skin-color necessary to help a family who is down and out economically? Anyone can do that. What would it mean if we looked to serve others without regard to how they looked? What if we stopped caring only for people who looked like us? And what if when you read this, you weren't concerned about whether or not others would do it, but you simply started doing it because you knew it was the right thing to do? That is the sense of service that kills the "race" disease and all of the strains that accompany it. "White privilege," "black privilege," "no privilege," "mo privilege," everybody needs to know that there are people who care about them and to use "race" or anything else as a reason to exclude who we care about is why we are sick in this country.

Service, working together for the common good and showing Love for all of mankind will ultimately bring about the Unity we need to heal our land from the "race" disease.

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