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You're Not The Problem

The bodies were still lying lifeless on the Walmart floor and it had already started. The finger-pointing, the blame-shifting and responsibility-fixing for why a man so filled with hate, would drive 600 miles to kill people that he never knew. Was it Trump's fault? The gun-lobby and the NRA, or simply the rising tide of "white" nationalism? And just as that was erupting in the routine "we're the good guys" and "you're the bad guys" fight, gunshots rang out in Dayton, Ohio and nine more lives were snuffed out in an instant. The motive in that one is still pending but let me guess....hate? Duh!

So if you're tired of the excuses so often proffered on why these shootings still happen get ready for this one. I can tell you who is most to blame in all of this. We are! That's right WE ARE! All of the Americans who for at least the last 50 years have engaged in the use of "racial" ideology which is 99.99% of us, all but George Middleton (look him up). Yes we are the ones who daily stoke the fires of "race" and reap the whirlwind of hate as it creates a "them" vs "us" mindset. Yes "WE ARE" responsible for creating a "black and white" paradigm in America that compares, evaluates, scrutinizes and makes decisions based on the color of an individuals skin. "Race" is pushed by the media, business, schools, churches and most every institution in our country and you are often required to fill out your "race" on forms which simply further impresses a mentality of "I'm in this box and you're in that one." It is "us" vs "them," and now we're shocked that someone acted on the idea that he was mad at "them?" This is where we are.


Of course this will sound senseless to those who would prefer that there be a bad guy who doesn't look like the man in the mirror, but as Michael J would say, that's where we need to start. It's easy to say Trump is the problem, but who was to blame before he was president? We still had mass shootings so......??? I'm sure there was another scapegoat in place so that we could retain our "racial ideology," and continue our "racial" ways while washing our hands like Pilate.

So ladies and gentlemen strap yourselves in and watch the fireworks as everything from gun control and Trump, from slavery to the KKK, and from police brutality to illegal immigration will all get blamed. And as for you and your belief that "race" is real as well as your belief that you are "black" or "white," you will get a pass and you can go right on living in your insular world that never gets the finger of responsibility pointed at you, because you're not the problem, everyone else is.

ERASE Race!!! NOW!!!!

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