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Identity Problem

I recently re-watched a brilliant video that I've seen many times over the past few years. It's by Prince EA. It begins with the words, "I'm not black and you're not white." He goes on to make the point that we have created labels, such as "black' and "white" and those labels hinder us from caring for people who don't carry our label.

I totally agree with that. I think we have an "identity problem." We have erroneously created identities that shouldn't exist. The colors "black" and "white" are useful terms for describing many things, but not people. And the sad part is that it doesn't stop there. We've started creating identities based on sexual habits and desires (Gay, straight, lesbian, etc..), identities based on clothing or styles (Goths) and even identities based on moods and attitudes (Emo). This is a big problem but I have a solution.

Here is the solution: We should call ourselves what God Himself has called us. After all the author of a book gives it a title. The creator of things, names the creation. God has clearly told us who we are, but we've exchanged what He said, for what we (men and women) have created. This is Romans 1:25 in action - "changed the truth of God into a lie."

See, the truth is, God never created black people or white people. He never created bisexual or gay people, queer or homosexual people. You can change what you call yourself but God's not going to agree with you. No, in the creation account of Genesis, when God made man, He clearly stated that He made man in the image of Himself.

Man chose color and became "black and proud" or "white and right." Man today continues creating his/her own labels in contradiction to God's. Can you imagine God proclaiming "I have made you in my image" and then a man or woman comes along and says "I am queer." What an affront to an Omnipotent and Holy God who does not have "queer" as any part of His image.

So this is really simple. We begin solving all of our problems when we begin agreeing with God on who we are. As the singer, Stars Go Dim, says in the great song, You Make Me Better, when speaking to God, "I am who You say I am." Let's agree with God. He knows us better than we know ourselves.

Oh and one final point. How can we see others properly if we can't properly see ourselves?

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