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Group A vs Group B

My analysis of the impeachment hearings of the President of the United States illustrates why we are a country at odds with each other. Anyway you break it down, it is group A against group B, whether "race", politics, football team, best burger, favorite tv shows and there are a million other ways that we segment our society. Of course some of the segmentation or as I call it, segregation, is innocuous and has no negative consequences; such as our annual SuperBowl rivalry. The teams meet, play the game, opponents yell in support of their team and against the other and they go home and get ready for next season. To show you how little effect it has in the long term, ask a random person who won the superbowl 3 years ago. Most won't know.

The SuperBowl has group A and group B dynamics but in the end, brings Americans together for the most part. When America was attacked on 9/11, they contemplated not playing the next SuperBowl but soon realized that it would be a unifying force and it was.

All of our group A, group B dynamics are not harmless and in fact, some have a detrimental impact on our society. The concept of "race" belongs in this category. "Race" creates a group dynamic that is permanent and unchangeable and sets Group A against Group B in competition for resources in comparison of salary, living conditions and education and it simply makes one group fundamentally different from the other group; creating a perpetual divide.

ERASE Races just spent 5 months touring 112 cities in the country to bring about awareness of the pernicious

concept that we call "race" and now begins the hard work of deconstructing the concept and dismantling institutions and practices that have kept this ill-conceived concept alive for way too long.

Join us in this effort to change the way we live with each other as we realize that we are all in the same "race," HUMAN!

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