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A Consensus On The Census

Surely this is something we can all agree on; get a consensus. No one should define me by my skin color and then use that definition to place me in a group of people that they believe should determine how I act and respond to the issues of life. They should also not use that group that they defined to determine how it measures against the general population in anything. After all, we don't group people by eye color and then measure how well the blue-eyed people did on the math test. We don't group people by hair color and texture to determine how smart they are? At least when I say "we don't," I probably mean "we shouldn't" because it has been done and in many ways is still being done.

So with the census coming up this year, I thought that we could get everyone to agree ( consensus) that the government has no reason to place us in an illogical grouping of arbitrary labels like "black" or "white." It is illogical because "race" is illogical at it's premise as displayed by the fact that some of the people in the "black" group would be lighter-skinned than some people in the "white" group. It doesn't make sense because it doesn't make sense.

So here is the plan for the upcoming census. We are initiating The Human Race Campaign and we are asking respondents when completing the census form to identify "race" as "Human." The government itself identifies that they really don't mean anything substantial by using "race" because it is meaningless, yet they ask for it.

So join our campaign and we are asking for $1 gifts from every citizen in the country with which to buy billboards and post flyers and publicize what we are doing around the country to advertise "human" for the census. You can click the link below and donate $1 and we can make it happen in the next two months. We can all officially become "Human" because we are not black, white, red, yellow and brown people and many in our country are not even American, but we are all kin because of our humanity.

While we could divide into a million different categories or groupings, no one can argue with the fact that we are all Human and we can unify the world on that. Let's get a consensus on the census. We are all HUMAN!

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