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Be The Virus

Fear is everywhere. The virus has been declared a pandemic and it continues to spread rapidly across all continents. In cities around the world and now throughout America, public events are being canceled and meetings are being held via video or phone conferencing. Many people are in quarantine status because of exposure and still others are being tested because of their contact with some in quarantine. What a mess. With all of the talk these days about "going viral," The Covid-19 Coronavirus has done just that simply because, that's what viruses do.

One of the most significant observations about the current worldwide threat has been our return to the basic principle of humanity. The Coronavirus affects "humans" and everyone understands that. This is not the first virus to affect all humans. The virus of "hate" has done much the same and it was a pandemic before any other. But there is also another pandemic to counter the effects of this plague as well as the spreading of hate.

Just as this virus is reaching from one person to another and one group to another and one land mass to another, we can do the same thing with our good. A virus need not carry only negative connotations. We could create a contagion of love and hope. With a world that really needs to be infected with compassion, we could be the virus of empathy and caring. When we reach out beyond our personal safety and concern to consider the welfare of others, we are transmitting a virus that not only needs no cure but instead is one.

So today, let's not just cower in fear of any virus; let's be one.

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