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"Race" - The World's Longest Running April Fools' Joke

Today is that day in case you haven't alerted yourself. Be on the lookout for any conversation that you have that sounds a little bit incredible or on the other extreme, simply unbelievable. Once the person you are speaking with thinks that you've bought it, hook, line and sinker, they will spring a big "April Fools" on you and of course you will laugh and breathe a sigh of relief that what they were telling you isn't true. Today is April Fools' Day.


What if however, someone made up an April Fools' joke, gave you the false story, which is the "fool" part of the prank, but never ever let you know that it was a false/fake story? You would be stupendously upset if after a few days or a month or two you found out it wasn't real, wouldn't you? What if that prank went on for 50 years, 100 years or 200 years? Well that's the feeling you should have when someone says, "you're black" - April Fools' or "you're white" - April Fools'. Oh and I would be a couple of hundred years late on letting them know that I wasn't telling them the truth. Sorry for all of the pain and anguish you received because I failed to let you know it was a cruel joke.

If the definition of "fool" has anything to do with poor judgment, imprudent our unwise beliefs, then "race" is hands-down the winner of the longest running April Fools' joke. It could only be contended with by the flat-earthers who believed that earth was not round. However they did not have the advantage of science and empirical data telling them otherwise as we now have with "race." They were all ignorant so that wasn't nearly as foolish as today when the science is completely clear that we are all varying tones of the same color based on how much melanin we produce, which explains why I have brothers who are darker or lighter than I am. That doesn't mean they are a different "race." So we know that there is no such thing as "black" or "white" people but we continue on with the false narrative because no one has given us the April Fools green light to step out of the foolishness and breathe a sigh of relief. Today is that day.

This April Fools' day, let's no longer be foolish. There is only one race we're all a part of it. No April Fools to that. Now go trick someone about something less detrimental. The foolishness of "race" has caused us enough pain.

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