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Avenger or Adversary

I posted the picture above on Facebook last weekend. I thought it would trigger some meaningful discussion and of course that's always my purpose so in this case, mission accomplished. The post was to create a discussion concerning the existence or non-existence of "white privilege."

The Avengers analogy identifies that surely there are differences in talents, gifts and abilities on every team, in fact that is what makes the team strongest. However, the bond that unites the team comes from the fact, as my good friend Tanya said, that they know they are all on the same team with the same mission and they value what the others bring to the table. Wow!!! That was a great analysis of what defines the two schools of thought.

We will call them the Avenger school of thought; the team where people all believe that even though gifts, talents and abilities may vary, we are all on the same team and valuable to it and the Adversary school of thought, the team where people believe that because of the differences, some people are more valuable than others.

In the Avengers school of thought, Black Panther has no reason to complain about Iron Man because they are on the same team and though they have different gifts, they value each other so that they are able to accomplish the mission more successfully because of their different talents and gifts. In the Adversary school there is a reason for complaint because some believe either that they have advantage/privilege or that they are disadvantaged/privileged. To which school of thought do you belong?

Of course if you know the series, the Avengers themselves often had disagreements and internal squabbles, but only until the adversaries came to town to do them all harm. That's where we are in America. The adversary is at our door step. Those who fail to recognize that now is the time for us to unite are adversaries.

The question is are you an Avenger or an Adversary?

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