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When You Love People Correctly

I was in a facebook discussion with a good friend concerning homosexuality and as always, I know where these discussions go because I am an "out-of-the closet" Christian who believes the bible's viewpoint. Most days I'm wearing a Christianized t-shirt, compliments of my wife, and I love talking to people about the issues of life because I love people, and oftentimes that gets around to "faith talk." So as my friend questioned me, I could ascertain that he was trying to see how I felt about him if he identified as "homosexual." I think he was comforted to know that I didn't love him because he fit my view of proper identity. My love for people isn't based, like much love these days, upon the proper conditions.

The real question is, what kind of love do we have for people? Do we love people because they are the way we want them to be or do we simply love people? Do we love people because they agree with us or do we simply love people? Do we love them because they are in an acceptable "status" or do we simply love people? With literally every person in your life, there could be a reason for you to reject them. However, there is also at least one good reason to accept them. The difference between which option we choose is in the depth of our ability to love.

Whatever the status, black, white, straight, gay, criminal, homeless, wealthy, or hateful, I love people. And without being too theological, I think only the agape type of love, defined as being "unconditional," is the only way to truly love correctly. And if we love people correctly, their "status" will not matter.

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