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The Evil Twins

They are diabolical and sinister in their efforts and they have history and experience that can only be rivaled by the great evil one himself. In fact he surely spawned this set of evil twins. Their first names are Race and Segregation and their last name is HATE.

The job of one twin, "Race," is to convince you that you belong to a certain group; a group of people who look like you, act like you and think like you. Yes, that's your group, your people, and the sooner you can begin referring to them that way, the better. My group is now important and your group...not so much.

The job of the other twin, "Segregation," is to keep the groups created by his twin "Race," separate. They must have as little exposure to each other as possible in churches, schools, businesses and even restaurants and parks. The chart below shows how some of our most populated cities fare on this issue.

Having accomplished that task, Race can now begin the work of making you think things about others that may or may not be true. "Race X does this and acts this way and Race Y is known for doing this thing and that." We now have self-constructed, idealized beliefs about Race X and Race Y, thanks to the evil twin Race.

In order to keep those beliefs afloat and to prevent the erosion of the beliefs created by Race, Segregation steps in to isolate Race X from Race Y.

The biggest danger faced by the evil twins at this point is that Race X and Race Y would find out that there are many in the other group who thinks as I do, who acts much like I act and talks the same ideas that I talk. However, that's where "Race" reenters the scene ("Race" News, "Race" events, "Race" celebrations and holidays....etc) convincing each group daily that they are uniquely different and "special" and in order to prosper, they must keep it that way. After all you are Race X and you are Race Y.

The twins are not benign, they are evil. We need to realize that they are Siamese twins. They are joined together and kept alive by a singular lifeline. If one of the twins dies, the other one will go as well. They need each other to live but if these twins live, we will all die. Kill the twins, Race and Segregation that we might live.

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