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The 7 Days of Giving

I am a Christian but I want to write this without having that "begging for money" from a televangelist feel. You know the one where if you give now, you can watch God multiply your seed followed up with a testimonial from someone who was about to lose their house and they put their last $10 in the offering plate and voila, God blessed them to become millionaires. Well I can say that probably ain't gonna happen here but there are some really great things that will happen because you gave in our 7 Days of Giving Campaign. We are asking for $1 a day for 7 days and check this out, if that's too much, then give $1, 1 time for 1 Race. That's our pitch; nothing more and nothing less.


When forming our organization, we decided on 501 c (4) status which is different than the 501 c (3) that you normally hear. That's because a 3 is charitable and 4 is social welfare and not tax deductible. The advantages are that we are unlimited in our affiliations and commentary, which means we can say whatever we want and that's ok but the disadvantage is that your contributions are not tax-deductible. That is why we want the donations kept to a minimum because it won't be a tax write-off for you. Of course no one will care about the taxes on a donation of $7 or $1 so that works out for our donors. So tell your friends to give as well.


It sponsors so many things that I can't begin to tell you but previously I toured the entire country and some of that was funded by people who gave small amounts to assist in that effort, we had 30 or 40 donors step up to wrap the van at a cost of $3000 and that was sufficient and the tour went great; absolutely phenomenal and some continued to give.


Our next phase of our plan was to hold forums and meetings on the issues of unity and "race," in selected cities around the country but that was somewhat preempted due to Coronavirus. We have adapted and are now getting the same message produced in video format so this is another area where your giving can assist. Of course the video option is much cheaper than the hold-events-for-people-to-attend option. So your donation supports our videos and the online forums that we hold on "race." The picture below came from one of our forums on "race." We ultimately hope to get back to meeting people face to face to make our connections but we are patiently waiting on that day and working in the meantime to further unity's cause.


Your giving also funds our ERASE Store, As a matter of fact, if you would prefer to buy a t-shirt, hoodie or any item out of our store, then ignore the $1 deal because we would actually make more off of one of our t-shirts or hoodies than we would off of a simple donation of $7 and you could wear that shirt around and inspire others to do likewise. That's great marketing for us. You won't believe the conversations you will begin. We've also got quite a good selection out there. Go check it out.


Donations beyond funding these items will support the purchase/lease of our ERASE Bus/RV. The dates are tentative now but we are excited about traveling the country to meet the Americans and bring them the gift of UNITY. It could be late 2020 or into 2021. We will do this if it isn't until 2022. I will "Meet The Americans." Maybe that's what we'll call the tour.


We are currently funding a small staff which we hope to grow as we begin to conduct major programs and activities across the nation. So any funding we receive now will ensure my personnel on hand are able to remain, "on-hand." We did not go for any government assistance but we will continue to appeal to businesses and corporations who desire to partner with us.

Join us in our 7 Days of Giving Campaign and thank you for any gift you give, from $1 to $100 or $1000, you have claimed a stake in making America a place where we are all ONE .

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