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The Final "Dear White People" Letter

OK I've had enough. I saw a post today that said that those who advocate for One Human Race are covertly "white supremacist." I also saw two different articles today addressed as "Dear White People." Well I want to write a final "Dear White People" letter today and it has only one point and here it is.

"Dear White People, stop listening to anyone who addresses you as "WHITE" people. I hate to shock you today, but you're not "white." Anyone who addresses you as monolithic based on your skin color is trying to tell you that you are all the same and if they do that with the group called "white," then they probably do the same with other created color groups.

Theodore Allen testifies in his book The Invention of the White Race, that "it was created to ensure survival of the "white" elites or ruling class." That's simply a part of the history. Eugenics and Margaret Sanger, European scientists from Blumenbach to Buffoon, American scientists from Morton to Nott all codified the idea of "whiteness." We now know that it was a ruse to create a hierarchy of people groups.

So think about that. When I write you a "Dear White People" letter, I'm actually allying myself with those who invented the hierarchy to put "whites" on top as part of the ruling class. So I guess my final statement is to say "Dear less-melanated people, you're not "white" and don't let those calling you that convince you that you are. They might not realize that they are furthering the hierarchy of people groups but that's what they are doing when they fail to acknowledge rightfully that we are all one human race.

The picture above is is my son-in-law, my daughter and grandson. It is wrong for my grandson to be classified as a "victim" because some may include him in the "black" class and it is wrong for some to see him as "privileged" because they would put him in the "white" class. I am closely monitoring my blood pressure as I say this, but people who would do such in both groups are sick. My grandson is a human being and a product of both parents and yes you can classify all Americans by skin color in order to live out the sick ideology of "races," but I will fight with all of my might to ensure that we cleanse America of that ugly myth concerning who we are as people. There are no "white" and "black" people. It's a myth. There is only ONE race and we're all in it.

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