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It's Not About The Money

Pretty ridiculous title for a blog attempting to raise funds. Of course if you heard the full sentence it would sound like this: "It's not about the money but we need money to be about it." My view on fundraising is somewhat different than most nonprofits. My wife would say, "that's why they have so much money and we don't." I get that but I have this strong, abiding belief, wife would say "stubborn," that if we are able to get our message out to the people, then many of them already believe in what we are doing and will support us. Therefore I "ain't too proud to beg," because I believe that once I'm done, you will agree that we need to do this. I've got stories that I can tell now of people who have done that. I have one "friend" who hates my approach but donated because he thinks it has a shot. Another friend dropped a sizeable donation and said, "I just want to see you succeed." That's cool because if I succeed, we all succeed and UNITY happens everywhere.

So here's another opportunity to sell you on ERASE Race and what we're doing so that you too can capture our vision for success and drop a sizeable donation like my buddy did last week. But remember, "it's not about the money."


We must defeat the problem of "race" ideology. "Race" ideology is not the property of any particular person or any particular group. It is this ideology that prevents us from communicating with others, integrating with others, working with others and sadly, solving the problems that we are facing in this country.


The craziest thing I'm seeing is the number of "white" people who are telling other "white" people what they need to do during this time of "racial" division, which by the way is redundant (racial/division). "Dear White People" letters are all the rage. They should be addressed, "Dear white people who think of yourselves as white and have always seen others as their skin color like I do." That might be more appropriate and it would apply to those to whom it needs to apply. I just don't think they've ever considered that though they think of themselves as a color, perhaps others do not do the same. See if you think you're "white," then you're gonna think others are too and likewise, you're going to think others are "black." That is what "race ideology" does to the thought process. Proponents of "race" get apoplectic when you use the term "colorblind." They simply can't imagine that people would live without addressing people based on their skin color. Imagine if we had a different culture for green-eyed people and kept statistics for them and realized that they were smarter or dumber than the general population. That's what we do with skin color.

So this leads to the idea that we are separate people groups of "black" and "white" or any other superficial physical feature we want to choose. We might as well be grouping people by eye color. Using skin color to determine cognitive ability or physical prowess is just as dumb.


Ok so how do we stop the madness and how does your money assist us in stopping it? We are creating educational videos and online shows and forums in cities (which we would be visiting live and in person except Covid). We have a very small full-time staff of 3 and and that's why our monthly operating expenses are so low. We will eventually scale up and we are also establishing chapters nationwide and while most will be run by volunteers, there are administrative costs to advertise and reach out in the many cities we've already visited across the country.


We desire monthly contributors and you are free to give any amount from $1/month to $100/month. Our goal is to raise our monthly operating expense of $5000/month to begin in August. Of course that monthly cost would be higher if we were traveling but Covid doesn't allow such at this time. So to get to our $5,000/month goal it will require either 5,000 people giving $1/month, 500 people giving $10/month. or 50 people giving $100/month and of course anything in between. It all works together. The monthly contributions will ensure that we are sustainable for the next year and are able to build a solid team necessary to bring about unity in our country as we destroy "race" ideology so that future generations are not facing protests like we've done in every decade since the last half of the 20th century.

Because we are a grassroots effort, we really do ask for minimal donations but we want money from a lot of people because what is most important is that we are able to change the beliefs of Americans so that we can all be Americans and not adjectival Americans. I just made that term up but I'll be using it again. So please tell your friends and relatives about ERASE Race and the great plan we have to fix what's ailing our country and when you see one of our produced videos, or see our UNITY Van on the road, you can know that you played a part in making it happen. UNITY!

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