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"You People" Are Crazy

The title is a terribly stereotypical way to describe a group. Also known as a sweeping generalization and in 99.9% of the cases it doesn't fit everyone in the group however, let's see if it works here. I'm referring to a group of people who first of all don't understand that there is no such thing as "black" or 'white' people as a race. "Race" is not only a social construct, but it is an "invalid" construct as well. Having said that, if you'd like to see your identity in the form of a culture labeled "black" or "white," then that's a different thing. This of course requires an understanding of what a culture is.

So that brings me to an immediate defense of my friend Rachel Dolezal. This is due to the latest "confession" by Jessica Krug, a professor who teaches politics, ideas, and cultural practices in Africa and the African Diaspora at George Washington University. Krug says she lied about her identity as a result of “unaddressed mental health demons,” and says she was wrong to "appropriate blackness." Of course, instantaneously publications likened her to Rachel and the 'apples and oranges' show began. She is not Rachel, nor does anyone who likens the two understand the issues of "racial ideology."

Understanding the point that Rachel was making, was the idea of "black" as a culture. She stated that she affiliated more with "black" culture than with the culture of her parents, whom we refer to in this society as "white." In a sane, literate and more sociologically aware society, Rachel's point would be made and that would be the end of the story, but because of our sweeping ignorance in this country on the origins of "race" and the ideology that it has imposed on most all of us, it is not.

By definition the only thing required for participation in a culture is to participate in the culture. Culture is the "doing of things" according to the rules of the culture. Having skin color of a particular tone is not a culture. There is no "doing" by simply having a certain skin tone. If Jessica Krug doesn't understand that and wants to apologize for perpetrating a fraud as she believes it, then so be it. That is not the story of Rachel Dolezal.

This is another opportunity to educate America on the misguided phenomenon of "race." With the heightened tensions under which everything is taking place, I am doubtful, although hopeful, that we will take the opportunity to understand, learn and realize that we have been wrong on this subject from the beginning of the building of "The New World" here in the Americas.

So if you don't fit into the category who believes that "race" is a real thing and if you understand clearly what culture is and the difference between what Rachel said and what Jessica is saying, then the title doesn't fit you, otherwise....

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