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The controversy rages; should you or should you not take the Covid-19 vaccine? Millions have taken it and many more millions have not. This is an argument that will continue, but I believe there is a much more important discussion that doesn’t get nearly the attention while demonstrably and detrimentally affecting our country more than Covid ever could. That is the virulent strain of a disease called “Race.” Because there are few who talk about it and address it as the disease that it is, it has become a silent yet raging pandemic and few realize the need for vaccination or prevention of any type. "Race" therefore continues to spread uncontrolled and unchecked throughout our country. The good news is that there is a cure and WE ARE IT.

"Race" Toxicity and how to know that you have "race"

“Race” toxins began spreading on this continent in the early 16th century and has since mutated into many virulent strains. The strains prevalent during the period of slavery in our country were quite different than the strains affecting us today and although it has metastasized, the symptoms are much the same. Those who have been infected may experience the following: feelings of superiority and privilege, followed by feelings of anxiety and guilt. Others may experience feelings of inferiority and victimization and a heightened desire to execute vengeance for acts perpetrated by others afflicted with the disease of “race.” This manifestation of the disease is known as "racial conflict." It happens when two people afflicted with the disease attack each other. These symptoms can further lead to estrangement and withdrawal into groups separated by skin color resulting in “white” churches and “black” churches and “white” schools and “black” schools and the daily articulation of identifying humans by their skin color. This manifestation of the disease is known as "segregation." In its final stages you will notice the excessive use of pronouns “they” and “we” strictly based on skin color. That is followed by a heightened sensitivity to humans solely on the basis of what color skin they have. An example would be the feelings of sorrow one may have expressed for George Floyd and those sympathies not being extended to Tony Timpa who was killed in exactly the same manner. So yes, differential feelings based on skin color highlights your infection. You need serious help at this point.

You Need The Human Vaccine

Once you realize that you have been infected, you should seek out help. You will necessarily need to know that the vaccine is available to all "humans." Trace elements of humanity are a part of our biological and spiritual makeup. However these trace elements can be overwhelmed in those who have not been vaccinated against the disease of "race." Additionally, though you may not have been vaccinated through life, those who have been, are beneficially contagious and can provide antibodies against the “race” virus.

Early Immunization

Of course some of us were fortunate enough to grow up in households where our parents knew of this disease early and they prudently ensured that their offspring were properly immunized. We were given heavy doses in childhood of The Human Vaccine. The Charleston's were vaccinated early in life by Nellie and Cube Charleston. On one occasion my mom chastised my older sister for using racial epithets against a “white” teacher. That administered the vaccine and we learned early that it was improper to demean people because of their skin color. The vaccine however wasn’t simply to remedy skin-color based ideology, it went further to prevent the infection of laziness, slothfulness and any manifestation that may have created substandard results be they academic, physical or spiritual. The vaccine was not without side effects. The side effect was the building of character and produced symptoms of excellence, accomplishment and deep human relationships with all types of people.

How To Get The Vaccine

If you were not blessed enough to get vaccinated at an early age by your parents, Fear not. It's not too late. God knew that would happen so He provided the Human Vaccine through the power of the gospel message. The bible and Christianity are replete with examples of characters transcending ethnicity, regional affiliation and belief systems to find the “humanity” in others. That is God's creation of the “human vaccine.” "Race" is the disease and God made us, "humans," the cure.

So the answer is not in "black" humans or "white" humans acting on behalf of the disease of "race." The answer/cure is "loving people as He loved us." That love was displayed by the Good Samaritan on the road to Jericho rendering aid to the injured Jew (different types of people). That love was Phillip being led of God to meet the Ethiopian and ministering to him (different types of people). The human vaccine of love was Jesus talking to the woman at the well and understanding her past relationship problems but ministering to her in such a way that she was moved to tell others how they could be “vaccinated” (quite different types of people). Who are the different people that God has placed in your life to administer a dose of humanity via love?

This is our call as “humans” to see all others as we see ourselves; significant, important and valuable. This is the Human Vaccine. One dose is good for life because after receiving this vaccine, it boosts itself against all strains for eternity. This is the vaccine we all need and it is readily available today. The “human vaccine” is not made by Pfizer, Moderna or in anybody’s lab. It is waiting to be administered to you through the blood that even now courses through your veins. God through His providence has given you the ability to see life as He created it to be; to see all humans as He made them, i.e., in His image. Acts 17:26 says “And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation. That’s the vaccine people. Look at the graphic. Have you been vaccinated with the “one blood.” If not, get your shot. Today.

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