What Happens When

E.R.A.S.E. Race Comes to town!

This is a 3 year project to visit 112 to 115 cities in the country, spreading a message of collaboration, service and unity among all people. It is scheduled to begin in 2020. The events scheduled will happen within a 48 hour timeframe - Friday evening to Sunday evening. We are currently recruiting sponsors nationwide and volunteers to support our aims. Local volunteers will do most of the planning for their city. The events may take any order. 

Event 1 Our Welcoming Program

Provides background and introduction of city officials to ERASE Race personnel – speakers, entertainment, music and multimedia, videos and spoken word/readings.


Everything should serve to clarify why we are here. Community speakers will be scheduled . Signature kick-off event should be a one-mile UNITY WALK including people from all backgrounds walking hand-in-hand united.

Event 2  Dinner and Dialogue 

Awards will be given to local community volunteers who have significantly contributed to the progress of all people in the city. A keynote speaker will be arranged to set the atmosphere for the questions to be discussed at each table. The objective is for people to sit amongst friends initially until the last segment of the program after dinner, when people would mix themselves up to begin dialogue about the issues proposed by the speaker.

Event  3  Community Service 

Working in conjunction with city officials and local community service organizations like Habitat for Humanity, we would participate in a one day large-scale community service project to learn what it’s like to work together; to achieve together.

Community Service projects may last one to two days.

Event 4 Family Reunion

A festive and fun day of celebrating the good in each community. This will give local vendors an opportunity to sell their wares but we will have designated games and dinner time so that we get a sense of togetherness. Activities will be coordinated by city planning personnel. 

Event 5 Concert

We will close out the event with a concert celebrating unity, love and respect for all people.

The American Unity Tour

Join us as we travel the country sharing the message of Unity and the truth about historically mistaken concepts regarding race.

Making America Think Again!


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